Monday, January 23, 2006

Everything I Learnt, I Learnt From The TV...

I watch a lot of TV dramas. While several of the bloggers I read write about what they've seen at the cinema, I just don't go to the cinema very often. And I think that what is on television both reflects and shapes British culture more than cinema does, and so is worth reflecting on.

This afternoon I was making a tower out of magnets with Noah, when he asked, "Is it a virgin queen's castle?" Hmmm. That would be the subconscious power of the trailer, then!


  1. I "learnt" a lot from TV as well Andrew. That seems to not be popular these days. But you can certainly pick up as much good as you can bad from it. Let me see - great BBC TV series I watched as a kid on our Public Broadcasting --

    - All Creatures Great & Small
    - To Serve Them All My Days

    Those two I remember very fondly. I'm sure there were others. Of course, Monty Python's Flying Circus - ha! Not sure what I learnt from that. Peace.

  2. This is very strange. This evening I made baked apples stuffed with raisins and brown sugar, and as I sat eating it I thought, "This is the sort of food I'd serve Alan Creech" (not having the faintest idea whether it is the sort of food you would like to eat), if we were sat around a kitchen table discusing lay monastic models and life in general...and then, not an hour later, you show up on my blog.

    Very strange.


  3. I'm not sure about the raisins mate but the rest sounds good. I'm actually more of a "salty" than a "sweet" on food. It may well happen some day.

  4. It was more the thought of sharing something typically of this place. I've eaten real Kentucky Fried Chicked (as opposed to KFC) with creamed corn and green tomatoes and all the trimmings in Lexington. No wonder you're more accustomed to salty...