Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Getting Stuck Into January

Belated Happy New Year! (I haven't had access to t'internet over the past several days.)

Things have been fairly low-key anyway. It's a quiet time of year; not an easy one to network face-to-face in, though I guess things pick up again now. With our future still up for grabs, or at least discussions, we need to bed-down here - Sheffield is our 'base' - for the time being. Today we've been following leads towards finding a house, on a six-month rental. Hopefully we'll get something fairly quickly, and be able to get S into a school.

I've never seen the New Year as a time to make grand Resolutions, but I think I'll make a moderate one this year: to get a friend to initiate me into the darker arts of blogging - such as tags! - so as to take it all a bit more seriously. Apparently there are people out there who like to keep an eye on me...

There's nothing to report on my sister - keep praying.

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