Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mobility / Locality

Following on from here and here...

What sort of dynamic might effectively engage in mission to a society that is both highly mobilised and highly localised? Drawing historical parallels [from my previous post], we might suggest:
  • an outward-looking but gathered/clustered community;
  • offering a quality contribution to the wider population (a 'product', such as youth work, for example);
  • delivered through networked small-scale diversity, rather than a monopoly;
  • having a stable critical mass at its core, but a high turnover of individuals;
  • moving in multiple directions between connected communities in other cities.
We might even go so far as to look for churches that bought/leased several houses or business premises on one street, rather than looking to fund a purpose built worship or community centre...

It would be interesting to collate some examples: if you know of any, let me know.


  1. Hi Andy,

    I'm sure that I heard of some guys in Middlesbrough (or somewhere in the NE) that did that. I heard that they bought alternate houses on a street in a very run down area and the area transformed as Jesus' light entered.

  2. Thanks, Tchad. I'll have a go at tracking it down...