Monday, January 23, 2006

(A Qualified) Hurrah!

My sister rang me this evening. She's been discharged from hospital (she'd been there since Christmas Day, this time around), and gone home today. This is good news! She is understandably nervous that something else might go wrong - if nothing else does go wrong, she's home for good - but, other than that, seemed in very good spirits. It was (as British Telecom used to say) good to talk. Hopefully we'll go up and see them in a few weeks.

She asked me to keep praying; and I'm asking those of you who have been praying with us to do the same. Thank you.


  1. great news mate!

    we prayed for one of our neighbours last week who had badly hurt his eye. He was very open and willing to have prayer.

    Funny thing is he got better the next day... freaked him right out :)

  2. Nice. Of course, it could just be's just funny how prayer increases the volume of coincidences so much ;)