Monday, January 09, 2006

Starting School

My little girl starts school tomorrow!

At least, she'll go along for an hour, and we'll take it from there...She'll be at Lydgate Infant School, in the same class as her friend Jake, and with a few other friends in other classes too. Susannah has been looking forward to going to school for some time now, and it has come together really well, having thought she wouldn't be able to go yet. We only found out this afternoon. I bought her a dozen miniature red roses (her choice) to mark the Rite of Passage. And we look forward to the joys of an exhausted little girl by the end of the week...

A week ago we were in need of a house, a school, and a job. Two down...

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  1. Anonymous2:47 am

    Fantastic! Really pleased that she has got in to Lydgate. We will be able to share the school run very easily!