discipleship resources

Jesus calls us to be and to make disciples.  What does this look like in practice?  Saint Paul understood it in this way: “imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”  In my life, there are those who invest in me as I seek to learn from them, and those who I invest in as they seek to learn from me.

For twenty years I was a member of The Order of Mission: a religious Order established by the Church of England in 2003 but now both global and embracing members from many denominational backgrounds, which exists to serve the wider Church by identifying, equipping and supporting men and women who are called to pioneer the Church’s mission in the context of rapid and discontinuous change that we are living in today.

Every Order has a Rule of Life: that of TOM has been carried in iconic form, a series of eight Lifeshapes.  These tools for discipleship address: choosing to learn from life; living in rhythm with life; balancing the relationships of life; defining the priorities of life; knowing your role in life; praying as a way of life; practicing the principles of a vital life; and living a life with a mission.

Discipleship resources I have written are categorised under headings including:

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