I take photographs, in particular thought-provoking images.  Words can help us go further than we have gone; images help us to go deeper than we have been.

Many of my images can be found on this blog.  Others can be found at my flickr account.

If you would like to use my images in other works, I would appreciate it if you emailed me asking permission, which is granted under a Creative Commons licence – you must attribute the original image to me; and must not make a profit from the image.  From time to time I am invited to contribute an image to a collective work and weigh each request on an individual basis: invitations welcome.

I have once been mistaken for the professional photographer Andrew Dowsett, based in the north east of Scotland.  I am not he: I am an amateur, with an eye for composition but no camera-skills.

The self-portrait images below are a collection entitled The Wounds of Christ.