Friday, February 25, 2005

Wet Day Measures

After the cold spell, a thaw: with H2O's no longer feeling the need to huddle together so closely for warmth, the melting snow trickled away all day in viscous rivulets...and so, instead of wrapping-up-warm and sledging on tea-trays in the park, we bundled into the car and headed for Meadowhall instead.

No weather there; just thermostatically-controlled same-old micro-climate all year round. Instead of the leaves, the window displays turn through the seasons: this season, the most up-market high-fashion end is, apparently, inspired by the art of China; and the slightly-less exclusive, slighty-more trendy bracket by the art of India...At least, that's what I observed as we rushed past in search of the toilets as soon as we arrived (which is what happens when little girls refuse to go before you leave home...) Too fussy for me. (The shop windows, not the little girl!) (Though she has her moments.)

Getting the children's feet measured was the excuse (as it turns out, neither pair of feet had grown - though we did end up getting a beautiful pair of bridesmaid's shoes for Susannah - stylishly simple, ivory, 'silk'); having lunch at PizzaExpress was a treat; Jo bought a great jacket to wear at this year's weddings/christenings - apple green, 60's-inspired, chic - and a skirt to go with it - peach, I've no idea how to describe the cut, but it goes well with the jacket, and Jo will look great in them; and I got some new shoes too (I've got 'funny' feet, that rip through shoes, and I hate shoe-shopping, but I've found this particular style to be relatively comfortable in the past). And Noah seemed perfectly happy to run around causing mayhem, and eat Susie's lunch as well as his own...

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  1. Was snowing for about an hour in Crookes this morning. Crookes still thawing out and Sackville and Fitzgerald Rd (where car is) still icy and nasty, so no Meadowhall for me today :(