Thursday, February 24, 2005

The More It Snows...

...tiddly-pom, the more it goes tiddly-pom... [Winnie the Pooh]

All the schools in Sheffield were closed today due to the snow, which was about two inches deep in Hillsborough when I got up (that's quite deep for Hillsborough; the story goes that it was about four inches in Walkley, and six in Crookes), but had already sunk down to about an inch by the time I left for work - the snow having changed from flakes, which build up in layers, to 'needles,' which drive tiny holes into whatever snow has settled. (There's a popular trivia fact that the Inuit - or insert other Arctic-based people-group - have six - or insert other, higher, number - different words for 'snow' - though I have no idea what the sources for these oft-heard statements are. Anyway, it turns out that you get at least two kinds of snow in Hillsborough. Oh yes, and slush...)

All day long the snow came and went, and not a lot happened outside - although at one point two children were playing on the open ground in front of my office. It's funny to see how the adult community hunker-down (emotionally, as well as physically) under the weight of it, falling down out of the's a little morose. Of course, if it would only settle, and the sun come out, the 'kid inside' might break out. It's my day off tomorrow. I can live in hope!

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