Sunday, February 27, 2005


At church this morning, I spoke about the transitions we make every day between home and work and work and home; of how we can move from one to another badly, or well; and how we might do so well, rather than badly. I've posted the transcript on "a few inadequate words" (warning: it is quite long!).

After the service, we headed over to the Fardon's home, to join a lot of other people for several Sri Lankan curry dishes made by Roshani Bagnall. The food was delicious; the company relaxed; the menagerie of small children doing jigsaws on the living-room rug, fun.

Once home, I got to catch Ireland beat England to complete a hat-trick of Celtic nation victories over the weekend. But, yet again in this year's Six Nations tournament, the result was marred by controversial refereeing decisions...

Then out again, to meet with Steve and Tracey, who are soon to become the first couple at whose wedding I will officiate, to run through the wedding plans. And on, to hear my old friend Mike speak about prayer, and the awesomeness of being able to relate to God as a child to their Daddy - which filled me again with thoughts of how much I love my children, and how proud I am of them (however much they exasperate me at times). And home again, with a few flakes of snow falling out of the sky - just as they had been doing, I remember, when we left the house this morning.

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