Friday, February 04, 2005

Survive A Day

Tomorrow I get to have our kids on my own all day, while Jo looks after some friends' kids...

I think a trip to the park is in order, perhaps some colouring-in. I hope the weather's good - not to mention the children!

Not much news emerging so far from the G7 finance ministers' summit, other than the US stating up-front that they are unwilling even to compromise towards European proposals.

I wonder what I'd be doing with the kids tomorrow if we lived in Mozambique or Zambia?


  1. hey there, was just taking a trip though the world of blogs and fell accross your comment on Mozambique and Zambia. I wish more people would wonder what their day would be like if they lived in the third world. I grew up in Cameroon, DRC, and CAR (parents were in the mission field) i've seen poverty, sometimes when people here(denmark) complain about how "little" WE(i'm really no better myself) have it just seems......

    anyway, i hope you dont mind that i read your blog.
    God bless!

  2. Hi mortie!

    Of course I don't mind you reading my blog! By the way, I'm a missionary kid too - my parents worked in The Philippines, where I was born.

    I went to Zambia for a fortnight with a Zambian friend a few years back. So many AIDS widows and orphans - and it has only got worse since then. Three of the guys I work with just visited Mozambique. Children living on the garbage dump - like in Manila, where I was born. It's a different world. But I know God cares about those children, and wants us to care too. And I think it IS possible to make lots of little positive differences, and that lots of little positive differences add up to some big positive differences...

    I also know there are powerful spiritual forces that have a vested interest in keeping those children living, and dying, on the garbage dumps - so I expect to see those who try to make positive differences opposed and opposed and opposed...but, ultimately, not overwhelmed!