Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ups And Downs

This morning we all went for a walk along the Rivelin Valley: a small and insignificant river now, but the place where Sheffield really began, with small-scale cutlery mills all along the river. The weather was glorious; it was great to get out and about with the kids; Susie held my hand and imagined horses and lions and elephants...

This afternoon Berniece came round with the bridesmaid dress Susie will wear - and she looked beautiful, if somewhat over-awed and shy.

In the evening, I was 'jumped by' feelings of depression - unprecedented for years and years; I'll process them later on - despite it being very much a good day. But I went out to Ben's birthday party - from where I am posting, for the first time away from home - and it has been a tonic. Thank you to all who were there.

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