Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sixty Not Out

We headed off down the motorway straight after church, to Jo's dad's sixtieth birthday party. All three daughters plus families there, for lunch; then fathers and grandchildren to the village park (a cricket-ball's throw from Grandma and Grandad's) while the Marfell girls did the washing-up. A good time was had by all, as they say.

On the drive home, we decided we'd give up meat for Lent, which starts this Wednesday (Bob's actual birthday, as it happens). We've been eating a lot of really good quality organic meat of late - especially beef and lamb, moreso than usual - so it will feel like giving something up. Fortunately we're supplied by an excellent organic greengrocers (the multiple-award-winning Beanies, who deliver to Hillsborough on a Wednesday), and we're not giving up fish, as the oils are good for the children's brains (and there's a good fishmonger round the corner). It also gives us a chance to broaden our vegetarian menu - good (especially cheesy spinach pasta), but fairly limited (to cheesy spinach pasta...).

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