Thursday, February 10, 2005

Westminster's Loss, Canterbury's Gain?

I had lunch with "our* Ruth" today. She told me that her new ambition was to be the first female Archbishop of Canterbury, now that she has given up on her ambition to become Prime Minister.

At some point the conversation circled back to politics, and Ruth happened to suggest that most UKIP (far-Right United Kingdom Independence Party) voters were "above a certain age," and that this was perhaps a good reason to have a maximum voting age, as well as a minimum one...I laughed out loud, and pointed out that if her campaign manifesto to an aging population was disenfranchising pensioners, it was probably as well she has given up on being Prime Minister!

As for the See of Canterbury, go girl!

*Northern term of affection for a younger brother or sister (in this case, unofficially adopted).


  1. When did you start saying 'our'? Have you been hanging out with Kershaw? Not sure 'our [name]' is all the north or if its just more the Manc end. Certainly in Grimsby noone uses it...

    Not that I'm complaining as I like it, and anyway in TOM aren't we just about officially adopted family?

  2. Grimsby isn't in the North; it's in the ECPU (East Coast Parallel Universe). (Not that I've ever been there; the closest I've got to your home town is flying over it on route to Sweden and having you point out the football ground...)