Tuesday, October 18, 2005


  • Roads and buildings are well-signed around here. Today we drove past a sign for a Senior Citizens Library. Now, we know about book libraries, video libraries, and games libraries. But we wondered why you'd want to take out a pensioner for two weeks...(I imagined a senario a bit like About A Boy)
  • There's a road not far from where we're staying called Weaponess Road. I know that goodness means possessing the quality of being good, and that faithfulness means possessing the quality of being faithful. So, does weaponess mean possessing the quality of a weapon?
  • Someone challenged me over lunch on Sunday to come up with a grammatically correct sentence in which the word <and> appears five times in a row. It's a clever challenge, so I'll throw it out here...


  1. definitely too much time on your hands mate!!

  2. Anonymous8:42 am

    I thought I'd seen one somewhere before, (a multiple "and" sentence). I couldn't remember how it went, but a quick Google has found a number of variations on this http://www.painintheenglish.com/post.asp?id=492

  3. Hamo - not so much too much time on my hands as a strange mind...
    Brian - you are a clever chap, but surely Google is cheating...

    On the 'weaponess', it has been suggested to me that it means a female weapon - 'ess' as in actress or heiress - or a woman who is a destructive force. Nice...

  4. i know a sentence that uses 'had' 11 times in a row...

  5. Dan - show off!

    Go on then; I know you want to share it.