Thursday, October 27, 2005


On 25th October 1994, Jo Marfell reached over and kissed me. Two years and one day later, on 26th October 1996, we were married, at St Thomas' in Sheffield. Yesterday was our ninth wedding anniversary.

As wedding anniversaries go, yesterday was pretty much a write-off. We moved house for the eigth time in eight weeks, which has stretched all of our flexibility to the limit and then some. Understandably, the kids wouldn't settle last night, and I just lay down on the floor and bawled my eyes out. Today, my head is more congested than it has been yet in a week of head-cold, and I have a pounding headache that will likely incapacitate me soon. But I need to post. Photos to be added later; right now I just need to lie down on the floor again...


  1. Anonymous6:18 am

    Hi Andrew

    Remember me from Sorby?

    Happy anniversary, and I hope your cold gets better soon. Really nice to see you're happy and doing worthwhile things!

    Viv (was Elkins, now Heydon)

  2. Oh my goodness, does Jo know that you're getting married next year to this Marfell hussie?