Monday, October 03, 2005


Town Hall:
  • the shady playground - a favourite spot while mum is at the gym
  • Noah and Susannah on the formal walk to the lawns - the ballustrades have seen better days, but still look impressive
  • Town Hall entrance

Meet The Neighbours:

  • looking down Marmion street towards the rectory, and church beyond
  • St Philip's Church - church office entrance; the rectory was built on adjacent land, to the right of the picture
  • red-and-green Kangaroo Paw planted in the rectory front garden
  • a family of lorakeets live in a eucalyptus tree just along the road


  1. Hi
    Sorry you are lonely.....!
    Co's back Wed (ie tomorrow) and the kids and I on Friday. Will see you Sun. and make an occasion to drink some non-aussie beer....

  2. Not so much lonely as, with folk here off on holiday this fortnight, we're in a bit of a limbo within a limbo, if you see what I mean...
    ...anyway, I'm happy to drink non-aussie beer with you, but I'm really enjoying the aussie Hahn premium light, so happy to drink aussie beer too!