Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prayer Request

We're half-way through the Forge was good; but this evening the kids have been pretty disruptive. It's hard. Jo and I feel that this four-day event is significant, perhaps the main reason we're here for these three months. Who knows? But anyway, we feel like we need to be engaging as fully as possible. And people have gone out of their way to help make that happen, taking Susannah and Noah off and looking after them for us. Which has been great. And it should be said that the kids have been so good through that. But, they've not had a lot of their mum and dad's time these past two days. As I said, it's hard. I think they've had a lot of us since we've been out here, and this different circumstance is only for four days out of what will be three months; but you can't do that kind of rationalising when you're four and two. You want mum and dad all over again each new day...

This evening has been hard - really hard (although we did manage to get in a half-hour conversation with Jo's sister and brother-in-law, which was good). Noah is still running around. Earlier on, it was one of those hell-breaks-loose situations. And that leaves us (the grown-ups) exhausted too. Add to which, my head is congested and I've found it hard to breathe most of the afternoon and evening. Oh yes, and for some reason we can't figure out or fix, the oven isn't working anymore (we discovered when we got in earlier); which just added to the pressure when preparing our meal tonight...

I want to head to bed soon, and I don't want the children in and out of our bed all night long.

If you tend to pray, would you pray into our situation for us tonight, and over the next couple of days? Thank you.

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