Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What's On TV?

Different kind of house - we're really enjoying House. It is very good indeed. Dr House is a grumpy genius with attitude. Not so much watching TV as sitting in front of the mirror...


  1. YEAH! We watched house recently and thought it was the best thing on TV! (apart from west wing, but then is anything going to beat west wing? I think not)

  2. You'd have to go a very, very long way to beat - or even match - the consistent brilliance of The West Wing script-writers.

    One thing spoils House, and most other shows, here though. Often episodes in a series end with a closing scene that is brief but essential for viewers to feel an emotional connection to the characters, so they'll keep watching. You know the formula - after the puzzle has been solved, the cops/forensic pathologists/doctors have a beer together: a joke is cracked; a friendly wager is settled; a declaration of love is made...Well, over here they break for a couple of minutes of adverts between the resolution of the puzzle and the formulaic closing scene; then straight back to more ads before the next programme...Grrr.

    Anyway, how are your travels going? (We look in on your blog for regular updates.)

  3. did anyone recognise billy kennedy from neighbours?
    and has anyone noticed how each plot is identical?
    my favourite bits are when he's in clinic and tells a person their life history just from the way they've tied their shoe lace

  4. Yes, we did! Though we weren't sure where he was from !

    They have a stupid number of adverts on TV here too and do exactly as you say, they come back for the last 2 minute scene. It makes watching TV quite annoying.

    Travelling is going well - a good mix of just simple serving and R&R. Read quite a few books (just started The Tipping Point - worth reading going by the first 54 pages!).