Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cyber World, Physical World

Last night I dropped in to Andrew Jones' online Suddenly Seminary for half-an-hour. It was fun to create a little 'virtual me' but it took me a(n embarrassingly long) while to figure out really basic stuff like talking to the other people there...

Suddenly Seminary is a fantastic idea - a space where people from around the world, in different contexts, can meet up and share experiences, knowledge, ideas, opinions, but with the important ingredient of fun as a core value (virtual tallskinnykiwi spent most of the time sat - fully dressed - in a bath-tub...)

Back in the physical world, this morning I have just spent half-an-hour sat outside on the grass reading part of Stuart Murray's "Church After Christendom". If you want an over-view of our changing culture and the multiplicity of creative responses God is raising up to engage in mission within this complex context - and if you like to have ideas sparked-off in your head, set free to dream dreams - then this is a must-read recommendation.

And I'm looking forward to having dinner round at Ben & Helen's this evening...

These two worlds are not alternative options, but are inter-twined. So, I will meet up with Andrew Jones and others I know from their blogs, etc., and others I work with, at Re:source in Birmingham on July 2nd. And before that, we(our family)'ll be meeting up with friends in Lexington, Kentucky, whom we've been emailing back-and-forth with plans this week. I love the creative connectedness of life in the information revolution!


  1. saw you and yours last night walking past where i work just as i was about to finish :)

  2. Really? Who are you, and how do you know who mine and I are? Are you my cyber world / physical world stalker?

  3. tis sara... i changed my name on here to painter of souls to reflect my roleplay characters 'journal' (- i use livejournal now for my stuff - the link being on Ruth Ds website....) as was the unknown soldier.
    aka kids type person who sings a bit....
    not a stalker at all :) (unless you count going to St Thoms too as stalking)

  4. Ahh, that's alright then. Sara / 'unkown soldier' I know. Not a stalker after all. How are you?

  5. im not doing too bad.... trying to juggle many things at the moment... work, trying to save for the wedding, finding a house and things to put *into* a house etc.... as well as trying to help other people out along the way...
    should all settle down soon though...