Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ruth Anne's Wedding

Well, I'm back on the Freeman's front yard again, with the borrowed wireless laptop. Today was Ruth Anne's wedding. We came a third of the way round the world to be there, and Noah shouted so loudly Jo had to take him out, and missed the vows...

But I know how much it meant to Ruth Anne that we came. And friends from the Department we haven't seen in eight years were there, too - Rebecca Idestrom (Toronto), Sue Campbell (Phoenix), and Becca Doyle (Taiwan). But, it is harder to see old friends so briefly than not at all, so we persuaded some of them to come back to the Freeman's with us in the afternoon. Now they've headed back to the hotel, and the neighbours have come round to eat with us.

Today has been a very precious gift.

And it is also my sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Rachel.

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  1. hey guys, hope you've had a fab time. we're going to birmingham too next weekend. it's been v quiet at philadelphia with it being visitors week (except for the builders being in). see you monday!