Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Walk In The Woods

We had a fantastic weekend away in the Forest of Dean, on the English/Welsh border. One of Jo's cousins was having her second daughter christened on the sunday afternoon. So we travelled down on Saturday - Jo's birthday - stopping off in Derby for a cup of coffee and a quick "hello!" to friends Jules & Abi and their brand-new first child Martha; then on to the Forest, where Jo took us to a Maze she had visited as a girl (her dad grew up in the Forest); before heading to a motel for the night, and a birthday dinner out.

Then on the Sunday morning we met up with Claire, who used to live with us in Sheffield but has returned to Cheltenham from whence she came, at the Sculpture Trail; before meeting up with Jo's parents, sisters-and-their-families for lunch; and on to the christening...

The Sculpture Trail through the Forest is a fantastic place - the artwork really enhances the beauty of the forest itself. I posted some pictures here. If you ever get the chance, it is well worth a visit - though far too long to take our small children all the way around yet!

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