Thursday, June 16, 2005

On Holiday

I am sitting in a lawn chair in the shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon in Lexington, Kentucky.

We arrived in Cincinnati on Monday night, and stayed over with our friends Jamie & Mandy Smith and their kids Zoe and Kieran. Jamie & Mandy were part of the postgraduate community in Sheffield between ten- and eight-years ago, and this was the first time we'd got together since then. We had a wonderful time, spending most of Tuesday together before heading on to Ruth Anne's. Breakfast in the garden under a gazebo was a real treat. We bougt then Cadbury's chocolate, and they gave us a copy of Mandy's book (in which we play a cameo role).

We spent yesterday with Ruth Anne and her husband to be, Alfred. Breakfast - strawberries and cream on waffles - in the garden under a tree was a real treat (a theme is emerging). In the evening we re-located for a third time in as many nights. We're staying the next few days with Joe, Sarah & Emmet Freeman, friends of Ruth-Anne & Alfred's. It's their lawn I'm sitting on, and their wireless laptop I've borrowed. They have been so hospitable. For so many reasons, with blessings of friends old and new, this holiday is turning out to be very special.

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