Friday, June 10, 2005


Last night we had a powercut, quite late, while Jo was watching TV and I was surfing t'internet. With all the street lights, and all the neighbours lights and ghostly-TV-screen-glows, and every lcd removed in one instant it was pitch black in the house (save for the glow of the burglar alarm console on the dining-room wall). Jo found a three-candle-stick and matches by touch alone, and we went up to bed by candle-light.

Which made me realise just how much light pollution we put up with. We always have the stairs and landing lit at night, in case the kids should wake up and try to come down to our room; and then there is the (dark-side-of-the-Force-lightsabre-) red digital alarm clock display on my bedside cabinet...Last night the room was truly, deeply dark. Until we'd got off to sleep, only to be woken by all the lights coming back on again!

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