Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not-So Grumpy Old Man

In the parking lot (English: car park) of an American church, we found that they had designated parking not only for wheelchair users like Dan, but also for old men like me. In response to my post yesterday, Dan accused me of being a "grumpy old man" (Dan is an impudent young whipper-snapper) - and my wife accused me of being a cynic.

Far from being grumpy or cynical, I am, in fact, full of hope:

When I look at the Church in the West, I am immensely hopeful - in the face of tragic fracture, and of more people leaving than discovering week-on-week, year-on-year - as I see worshippers whose senses are becoming attuned to the worship offered up to God by all creation, and who seek to join in with the song (not least the defiant worship offered up by species facing extinction); as I see Sunday-congregations rediscovering day-by-day community; as I see commitment to the ongoing process of making disciples replace the consumerism of winning converts or an increased market-share of existing worshippers...

When I look at the wider world, I am immensely hopeful - in the face of 30,000 preventable deaths per day, and AIDS and war and natural disaster; problems that will not disappear in a day - as I see a people movement rise up in the West, perhaps most of whom do not even know God's name but who are resonating with and responding to his dream of a society that cares for the (AIDS, war, famine, flood) widow, (AIDS, war, famine, flood) orphan, and (displaced persons, refugees) alien...

When I look at my own family, I am immensely hopeful - in the face of having no clear idea where we will be living and what we will be doing in just a few weeks time - as I see my wonderful wife and children; and look back at our time here in Sheffield, and forward to what the future holds...

I could go on, and on. So, if I choose not to buy-into the hype that tells me I should jump up and down with joy at yesterday's announcement, I won't.

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