Monday, July 25, 2005


I've added some extra talks I've given at St Thomas' over at a few inadequate words, the blog where I post such thoughts after I've spoken them out. A sort of back-catalogue. It's part of the 'clearing out / tying up loose ends' of this week. The selection is slightly random in that only some of the talks I've given have been written out longhand; also, most of my talks included a visual dimension - in the form of PowerPoint or video clip - in their original context, which I haven't included here. But I'm always asked for copies, so for what they are worth you're welcome to them...

Also, check out for tapes/CDs/MP3s - not only my ramblings, but good sermons too! - and other resources including books, worship albums and conference bookings.


  1. i think you should change the name of your other blog to 'the perfect cure for insomnia'

  2. Given the difficulty you have sleeping, mate, you should thank me for such a wonderful gift!