Friday, July 22, 2005

Bullet Points*

*I know Dan likes them.

1. Yesterday was Susie's (along with a number of others) last day at Little Imp Pre-School. Jo described the mummies-and-staff response as a "tear-fest"...

2. More underground/bus bomb attempts in London yesterday; the police have shot dead a man on the underground today...

3. Jo and I went out for a meal at The Three Merry Lads last night, with our 'huddle' - the leaders of the missional communities who we have been discipling over the last couple of years. It was our last time together as a group, and great to be able to let them know where we are going next (a decision that will be made public on Sunday, after which I'll post details on here).

4. The Ashes are upon us. Australia's first innings of 190 was nothing to write home about; England's response, even more dismal. Congratulations to both Glenn McGrath and Kevin Pietersen, though.

5. Jo had her hair cut this morning; kind of choppy at the back - a departure from the curled-under style.

6. We had a removals consultant come round today, for a quote. We were really impressed - both by the guy personally, and by the package his company provided.

7. We're off shopping for suitcases this afternoon, if we can muster the energy to get up and out...

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