Sunday, July 24, 2005


At church today our immediate future was publically announced. We are heading off to Perth, Australia, for a sabbatical. The dates will be some time in September to some time in December, as yet to be confirmed. We complete on our house sale on 23rd August, and will leave Sheffield on that date, or perhaps the following day.

We're going to spend the time with a church leader in Cottesloe, who has connections with St Thomas' and The Order of Mission. While we're there, we will be exploring the possibility that God may be calling us to go out there longer term: we go out with no obligations on either side, but serious intent to explore whatever might develop - and that feels a good way to test out what God's future for us is. We're confident that the longer term (say, next three years) will either be in Perth or, if it is somewhere else, will come very clear while we are there on sabbatical. Pray with us.


  1. Dear Dowsett's
    Know our prayers for you in this time of transition and exciting / daunting exploration!
    My our God of all peace accompany you with wisdom. Will follow your adventures with interest.

  2. Hi Andrew, I found my way here via your comments on Hamo's blog. being another Perth blogger (and church planter) I hope you enjoy your time out here and God gives you clarity on what your next step might be.