Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gone Swimming

Jo took Susie and Noah to the pool at Hillsborough Leisure Centre this morning, meeting up with Carolyn and Ana Swift.

I think I must have got just as wet leaving Philadelphia (for the very last time!) this afternoon. I managed to coincide my departure with a downpour - Infirmary Road was temporarily transformed into a river; the buses were throwing water up right across the windscreens of cars travelling in the opposite direction (you could see the windscreen-wipers shudder); the cars were throwing water up over the pedestrians (no mean feet where the pavement rises up at the tramstop); and it felt as if my boot-cut jeans soaked up most of it...

Our friends Brian and Amanda came round for dinner tonight - I thought I'd name-check them as I found out they've been reading this blog. Hello! Thanks for coming - it was fun!


  1. not to be picky but you will leave philly on sunday as well

  2. not on foot I won't...