Monday, July 18, 2005

Boxing Match?

Back when we were leading a missional community of international students, we used to hire a lecture theatre for worship on Sunday mornings. The venue had its limitations - fixed, banked seating for one - but we felt it was important for Sunday worship to be taking place at the heart of the university. We used to put the "stuff" we needed to "do" church in a plastic box: that didn't include musical instruments (we used to sing in several languages, and people brought their instruments with them: our Zambian worship leader - mostly guitar for us, though good on keyboard too - married our English saxophanist!), or whatever was available in the room itself (OHP, and a slide projector, that I used on occasion), but other than that, if it couldn't fit in the box, we didn't need it to "do" church.

Today I've packed up my personal belongings in my office at church. I needed two boxes. Hmm...

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