Saturday, July 30, 2005

Adopt Our Furniture...

Jo has posted this elsewhere, and has asked me to put it on here too:

"We are moving in 3 weeks time, and there are a few bits of furniture we don't want to take with us. Anyone who can collect from Sheffield is welcome to take them off my hands.
  • 1 Pine Dresser - 4 drawers + 2 half-drawers, 3 shelves above. 82cm wide, approx 180cm tall, 45cm deep. (drawers and shelves 2 separate pieces, if you see what I mean)
  • 1 Chest of Drawers - 2 drawers, dark varnish, quite old-fashioned, but would probably come up a treat if you were any good at DIY (I'm thinking paint-job here) width 72cm, height 76cm, depth 44cm
  • 1 'bureau-style' desk - definitely functional over beautiful, but quite useful all the same. Top part has little pigeonhole partitions and drop down writing surface. 1 drawer, then sliding doors on cupboard space at bottom. Width 81cm, Height approx 120cm, depth approx 36cm
I realise I haven't exactly sold them here, but really, if you can use any of it (even in your garage or something!) I'd be far happier than having to take it to the tip.

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  1. ah the fun of moving!

    look forward to meeting up soon