Friday, January 28, 2005

Good Economics

Hitler's Final Solution to The Jewish Problem was wrong, was evil. But hey, it was good for the German economy, creating lots of jobs - building, operating and maintaining cattle-wagons, camps, gas-chambers; digging mass graves; moving people along the chain...

The fact that today 30,000 people die every day for needless poverty-related reasons is wrong, is evil. But hey, it is good for the economy of the wealthy western nations - providing cheap produce for us to sell on at a massive profit; aid loans with interest-rates that ensure we get back more than we give away (in other words, the poor nations are supposed to give aid to the rich ones!)...

It is a mistake to believe that we are powerless to change the world, to oppose evil and extend good (which would include basic things like clean water for all, easily acheivable using a fraction of western defence budgets; and may well not include trying to enforce 'democracy' on every nation.) If you haven't yet joined the MakePovertyHistory campaign, do so now. The G7 Finance Ministers gather in London one week from today; they will determine what can be acheived at the G8 heads of government summit hosted by the UK this summer.

Speak out for those who cannot speak out for themselves.

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