Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Job's A Good 'Un

Big congratulations to my friend Will on being offered a job with the Forestry Commission, networking the links in an environmentally-friendly energy-production chain (producers, distributors, consumers). In a nut-shell, its all to do with the burning of wood pellets - that don't add to CO2 emissions like burning fossil-fuels does; there's no net gain in CO2 levels with wood - in boilers that can generate the heating needs of large buildings, or even 'clusters' of connected buildings, and can contribute their surplus to the National Grid. Moreover, the producer-distributor-consumer chains tend to be on a small enough scale to be good news for local ecomonies. Apparently, the field is in its infancy - all the more reason to invest in its future...

Honestly, few issues should matter as much as these. I'm really pleased for you, Will. You'll do a great job.

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