Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Killing The First-Born Sons...

Some friends (I'll call them Shiphrah and Puah) were sharing some of the joys and not-so-joy-ful's of leading an emerging generation church community with me this morning.

I guess the not-so-joy-ful's arise from the fact that the cultural context we find ourselves in is one of transition (between Modernity and Post-Modernity); transition that is still in its earliest stages. If we can learn from history, the transitions between earlier eras (Ancient World to Mediaeval Ages, approx. AD500; Mediaeval Ages to Modernity, approx. AD1500) have taken time (probably a good 200 years...), and frustration with the prevailing worldview must run its course - must play its essential role - before positive alternatives can be proposed and, in time, established.

In other words, we live in a negative stage of history. Which, if that were just chance, would be a crap deal. But if you believe that this is the time God has prepared for you to walk the world's stage - and that for a purpose - then living in negative times - and helping others to use these negative times positively, if that makes any kind of sense - is an exciting call. Being born is traumatic at the best of times, and midwives play a key role - especially, as in Moses' day (Exodus 1), when the babies are in danger from the vested-interest-groups of the threatened out-going era...

Though it's not always easy to keep in mind when you're fending-off a mother who is screaming and swearing at you with one hand and wiping-down a baby covered in blood and miconium (very sticky poo, that gets everywhere...) with the other, you never know what that child (or its mother, come to that) will become. There's potential in this moment like no other. So, be encouraged. You're doing a great job!