Friday, January 07, 2005

Picture This

We bought a digital camera today, so now we just have to figure out using it. It's a good enough camera that we can work out the basics on Auto, and progress on to more and more manual settings once (if?) we're any good. (Hopefully I've understood enough to get some decent shots tomorrow, when we meet nephew/cousin Alexander; it couldn't be any worse than the last family get-together on Christmas Day, when we loaded a film into our pre-digital APS, and the camera rejected it. Any advance on 'nil' will be a bonus.)

Photography falls into the category of Things I've Always Said I'd Like To Get Into, But - up until now - Haven't. It never made it into the priority list(s: money, time, or effort). And then there's the old condemnation-trip over having a hobby: "Self-indulgent," especially when "You should be spending your time with your wife/kids..." A while back I made a choice not to listen to that line anymore (admittedly, it took me long enough), for the sake of my long-term health and family relationships, and I've been thinking through options for something recreational - such as painting lessons. I'm looking for something that redresses my rest-work rhythm of life, and also opens opportunities to meet new people. This might be it, especially as we already have a friend in the Sheffield Photographic this space:


  1. What camera did you go for Andrew? Hope you have fun with it.

  2. What camera did you go for Andrew? Hope you have fun with it.

  3. Hi Ben. I went for the Fuji Finepix S5000 (a good deal right now, as the S5500 has recently replaced it - though it's far from obselete). 6 MPX, 10x Optical Zoom. It's a SLR look-alike (and black), rather than a small, slim (silver) box, so it feels really good to hold (and looks great, too). And my first pictures have been quite pleasing, for first pictures...