Thursday, December 10, 2020

Advent day 12 (2020)



People of God: be glad!

Your God delights in you,

giving you joy for sadness

and turning the dark to light.

Be strong in hope therefore;

for your God comes to save.

You are God’s children.

Lord, make us one in the love of Christ

today and for ever.



Be strong in hope therefore;

Earlier this year, I injured my knee while running. A friend sent me some knee-strengthening exercises, that could aid recovery and reduce the risk of future injury. I really ought to try them. It is a valid question to ask, do I want to recover enough to do the exercises, or will I simply keep ‘hoping for the best’? though it must be kept in mind that ‘wanting it more’ or ‘try harder!’ has its limits: I am glad, also, for those who do not give up encouraging me, who have hope—as opposed to wishful thinking—of real change.

Like bodies, in order for our hope to be strong, it needs exercising; and exercise is always more enjoyable [literally, producing joy] in community. What exercises have you found strengthen your hope in the God who comes to save? And who are you exercising hope with?  


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