Thursday, June 07, 2007

Event Horizon

The public installation Event Horizon continues Gormley’s exhibition beyond the bounds of The Hayward, being composed of 31 casts of the artist’s body placed on rooftops within a certain radius of the gallery and on both sides of the Thames. As you approach the South Bank, you become aware of a figure standing on the sky-line; then another, and another…Again, I’ve added a Flickr set.

These still, silent sentinels spoke to me of unseen angels looking down on the city; just beyond our range of vision.

They also spoke to me of suicides, about to jump: lives equally lived just beyond the range of vision of those going about their everyday business – for so often, when someone kills themselves, those who lived around them say, “I had no idea they felt so isolated…” And it made me think that no life should be lived just beyond the range of vision – someone’s vision – and that, perhaps, we need to stop and look around us more often than we generally do…


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