Thursday, June 28, 2007

End Of An Era

It always feels a little strange approaching the end of a season at work, whether one is sad or glad to be going. I have 12 shifts left at the sheltered housing scheme, and 16 shifts left at school. Before the end of July I shall officially be ‘between jobs,’ and won’t hear on what I hope to be doing next until August. So I feel for Tony Blair, who stepped down as Prime Minister yesterday, after ten years in office. Last night must have felt strange – at least wherever he was, it’s unlikely he had to put up with flooding and a power cut! I may disagree with so many of his decisions, may dislike him as a political leader; but I feel for him as a human being.

As Tony and Cherie left Downing Street for the last time, and got into the car to go to tender his resignation to the Queen, Cherie turned to the assembled reporters and quipped, “Good bye. I don’t think we will be missing you.”

That was…graceless.

There’s something very satisfying, in the short-term, with getting-in the final word; with getting things off your chest as you walk out the door; saying what you really think, knowing you won’t be around to face the consequences, that someone else will have to pick up the pieces. Satisfying, but destructive – and not just for those to whom such remarks are directed, but also to the one who makes them…

Memo to self: learn from past mistakes; that stuff you could say, that way you could say it, just because you can…don’t; just don’t.


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