Thursday, December 23, 2004

Peace on Earth?

Yesterday the New World Order* briefly came to Sheffield. Or, to be more accurate, it didn't.

The Bomb Squad was called in to deal with 13 'devices' found in a house in Netheredge. Netheredge is an interesting area, divided between very affluent whites and significantly less affluent West Asian Muslims, and Terrorist Cell was the 'obvious' first port-of-call for the local media...but it turns out the police think it more likely to be home-made fireworks. [Read the story on the BBC]

It makes you think though (unless, apparently, you're a journalist). There are real issues raised by two cultures living side-by-side; issues that get ever more complex the more cultures are added...And I don't think domestic nationalism (UKIP, BNP) or international aggression (Bush-Blair) are the answer! I do, however, endorse "A New Confession of Christ in a World of Violence" as a constructive contribution to the present climate. Check it out for yourself, and see what you think.

*exactly the same as the Old World Order; only the technologies change.


  1. What concerns me are the values I see filtering into the kids I teach at school. It can seem that racism is often unquestioned in many of the different communities. We may be two cultures living side by side, but it seems like there is a massive gulf between us and I'm not completely sure that the "New World Order" approach really helps.

    In such an atmosphere, the Sojourners declaration is a seems a very helpful contribution. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Agreed, Ben. My using the term 'New World Order' is not intended as an endorsement of the philosophy it stands for, which I, too, find unhelpful.