Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I took the tram into town today. In the shops, devastation. Abandoned, half-empty shelves and racks of whatever was left after Christmas shopping swept through. In M&S, a queue of dazed-looking people, herded in a snaking line towards Customer Services to return or exchange unwanted presents. I joined the queue, exchanging chat with strangers, trying to keep our spirits up...

...And staring from the front cover of the free newspaper under my arm, seven-year-old Swede Karl Nilsson, looking dazed, found wandering, holding up a card: MISSING PARENTS & 2 BROTHERS ... KARL NILSSON.

Apparently, about 1,600 Swedish tourists are still unaccounted for. I have friends in Sweden, Lutheran church leaders in various parts of the country; and I'll be making a third trip there in March. Although I can't articulate why, Sweden has a hold on my heart. Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with my friends there, and with those families within their neighbourhoods they will be reaching out to comfort.

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  1. Anonymous8:12 pm

    can you find out how karl nilsson is today?