Friday, December 24, 2004

Full House

Christmas Eve was wet, and house-bound, in Sheffield. A bit rough on the kids...

We had Nick and Carolyn and Ana, and Matt and Berniece for a Christmas Eve Tea of crumpets and tea-cakes and jams and Christmas Cake. Jo made the cake, and it looked great, until Noah got on a chair to dig his fingers into the icing (right in the middle of the top - no hiding it). And Jo made the table - new cream table cloth, with a role of gold wrapping paper down the middle - which also looked great, until it, too, was Noah'd. Obviously any cream table cloth would look better with Marmite-covered fingerprints on it...Have son, have trail of havoc. But we wouldn't trade him in!

We're even more tomorrow: all Jo's side of the family are coming. That's one grandma, one grandad, two aunts, two uncles, one cousin (and another 'on the way' - very soon); or, eight adults and three children in total. This is the second time we've hosted an extended family Christmas, and Jo is in her element - she's been preparing food, and furniture, all day. I'm exhausted!

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