Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Go Ahead - Make My Day

Just nipped across the road to the newly-opened Tesco...a truly pleasureable supermarket experience!

Talk about a total transformation. I love the use of open space and light inside, and the refurbishment of the carpark outside too. But most of all, I love the staff: the age- and ethnic-mix is fantastic, and their friendly and helpful attitude outstanding. Yesterday, not one but two of them helped Jo pack her bags at the till - and their attitude impacts the shoppers too, with an elderly gentleman stopping at our car to help Jo wrestle Susie out of the shopping-trolley seat.

So I took the time to stop at the Customer Service point to express my enthusiastic appreciation. It really blessed several staff members, who usually just get complaints; and they asked me to fill out a feed-back form, so the rest of the team could be encouraged too, which I was very happy to do. So much gain, for so little effort. Everyone's a winner!

1 comment:

  1. agree on many fronts about tesco. The only downside is no real deli counter. But maybe in the new year.

    Other than that it seems a hit, friendly and very helpful.