Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent 13 : Making Room On The Shoe Rack

The shoe rack sits just inside the front door.  It is a place of transitions: of putting on our shoes in order to go outside; of taking off our shoes, and perhaps putting on slippers, as we come in to the house from outside.  A place of arrivals, and departures.

How might we make room for Jesus, at the shoe rack?

During Advent, why not read through the Gospels keeping a particular eye out for stories that are set just as Jesus arrives in a place, or as he sets out for another?  What you will discover is that these transition-points, on which the story turns, are time and again places where, in one way or another, the king is welcomed and his kingdom is ushered-in: in miraculous healings; and intimate conversations, through which the eyes of the heart are opened.

It would appear that at transition-points, the door between heaven and earth waits to be opened.

In these places of arrival and departure, the kingdom of heaven makes its arrival, and lives on earth set out on a new departure – following the bright star where it may lead, into the unknown, into danger, into a different journey.

During Advent, why not pay special attention to those first encounters on leaving or entering your home:

asking Jesus if there is a particular word that he would have you speak into that person’s life;

a particular new world he would have you speak into being?

Advent: making room for Jesus – on the shoe rack.

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