Monday, December 01, 2014

Advent 2 : Making Room In The Bedroom

What we choose to have in our bedroom are the first things we see when we wake up and the last things we see before we close our eyes to sleep.  Here are the images we take with us into our dreams, or as we get out of bed in the morning – on the right side of the bed (in a positive mood) or on the wrong side of the bed (in a grumpy mood).

You might make room for Jesus in the bedroom by placing a cross on the wall, or on your bedside cabinet.  If you are artistic, consider choosing a particular verse from the Bible, a promise or word of encouragement from God; write it out, decorate it, and fix it to the wall, the mirror or the door.  If you take digital photographs, you might even consider using Photoshop to add a significant verse to an appropriate picture, and have it printed and framed or stretched on canvas.  (Of course, you could do this in other rooms, too.)

From the mezuzah on a Jewish door frame to the cross or crucifix worn on a chain around the neck, the Judeo-Christian tradition has long understood the value of such prompts, reinforcing memory against forgetting what God has done for us.

Advent: making room for Jesus – in the bedroom.

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