Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Developing Leaders : Part 1

Lifeshapes is a language of discipleship, which enables us to be led and to lead others. In these posts [which assume familiarity with Lifeshapes] I want to reflect on their application in leadership development – taking people on from being able to take responsibility for themselves, to leading others, to leading leaders. In particular, I want to ask the questions:

Which shape is primary at each stage?

What character issues and skills issues need to be addressed at each stage (building on the previous stage)?

These reflections are very much a work in progress! Feed-back welcome.

Becoming part of the church

Primary shape:
the triangle – balancing the relationships of life

Character issues:

UP – am I choosing to make time to spend with God each day?

IN - am I growing in my commitment to the other people in the group I have joined? am I trustworthy? how easy is it for me to trust others?

OUT – am I sharing my faith with others?

Skills issues:

UP – am I discovering ways to express my relationship with God that are appropriate to my God-given personality and the season of life I am currently in?

IN – how do I respond to invitation extended to me by the group leader? How to I respond to challenge extended to me by the group leader?

OUT – can I identify at least one person who is open to me and to the good news I have to share?

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