Thursday, April 01, 2010

Taster : Maundy Thursday Service

As part of our service of Holy Communion this evening, there will be the opportunity to move round five prayer stations, based on the elements of a Passover meal. We will move around the first four individually or as families, and then gather together for Communion.

+ 1 at the west end (the font end)
at the table, dip a sprig of parsley in the salt water, and eat it: this represents our tears. Spend some time in confession. You might choose to use the words provided there.

+2 at the north end (the sound-desk side)
at the table, taste the horseradish: this represents the bitterness of slavery. Spend some time in intercession, praying for the needs of the world, those held in slavery to sin and fear, asking that they, too, might be set free.

+3 at the east end (the cross)
at the table, take and eat a lamb meatball: this represents Jesus, the Lamb of God, sacrificed for us. Spend some time in adoration at the foot of the cross...
Please note: contains meat, and gluten. The lamb is an important symbol. We hope that you will still be able to engage with that symbol, even if you are unable to eat it.

+4 at the south end (the Lady Chapel entrance side)
at the table, taste some haroset (paste of ground apples, nuts and honey): this represents hope. Spend some time reflecting on the promises of Scripture, a few of which will be written out there. You might choose to add promises God has spoken to you through his written word, on the paper provided.

Please return to your seat, in preparation to receive Communion together.

+5 in the middle (the communion table)
at the table, we will share in the unleavened bread – reminder that God’s people had to go out from slavery in haste – and the cup of thanksgiving for God’s salvation.
Please note that the unleavened bread is not gluten-free; a gluten-free alternative is provided, if requested. Please also note that the wine is non-alcoholic.

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