Monday, September 30, 2019

To become Saints, part 2

Love the Lord your God with all your heart (your ability to choose for yourself) and all your mind (your ability to train thoughts and feelings) and all your strength (your ability to act on your choices) and all your soul (your deepest, truest being).

And love your neighbour just as you love yourself; all the families of the earth, as your own family.

Everything else is commentary on these two greatest insights.

But know that, whether you do so willingly or not, eventually, nature and God will conspire to strip you of your heart and mind and strength, till only your soul—your one, unspeakably precious soul—remains.

For in this process—which looks to the world like a successive, accumulative, series of failings, fallings-short, sins against your humanity—your soul is, in fact, being made whole.

Your capacity to love, both God and neighbour, is being brought to fulfilment, as all else is consumed by Love.

You, already a saint, will have stumbled into the process of becoming a Saint.

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