Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A good beating

The British government is playing a dangerous game, colluding with the demonisation of parliament and the judiciary by the right-wing tabloid media.

Our democracy is guarded by the sharing of power between executive (government), legislature (parliament), and judiciary (the courts). At present, all three are flexing their muscles. But these are not enemies, far less enemies of the people.

We are where we are, not because Members of Parliament or of the Supreme Court are frustrating democracy; but because democracy is, at times, frustrating.

We are where we are, not because they are traitors, but because they are guardians of democracy.

But rule by executive alone is oligarchy; and rule by an executive acting unlawfully is dictatorship. And if we, the people, are persuaded that parliament and the judiciary are our enemies, the very democracy we claim to fight for has fallen.

In truth, we would do better not to fight for our partisan visions of freedom, but to renew our commitment to live as if we did, in fact, live under the rule of a just law in a kingdom that was the envy of the world.

Beating the swords with which we strike at one another, into the plowshares with which we create sustainable community.

Beating the spears with which we impale one another, into the pruning hooks with which we shape healthy growth.

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