Friday, October 14, 2011

Gospel Truth

The Gospel:

“If you believe in God (or, specifically, in Jesus), you will go to heaven; if you don’t, you will go to hell: God wants the former for you, but it is your choice.  (If you never heard this message, God’s mercy will accept you / God’s judgement will reject you. [delete as doctrinally appropriate])”


“The Creator of the universe has appointed Jesus as King over all creation; and is reconciling all things in Christ and through Christ and for Christ.  Will you enter-into and continue in that Christ-centric reconciliation, living within his life-affirming kingdom rule, participating in his identity and his mission?”

Different emphases of the same account?  Or incompatible stories – one with ‘me’ at the centre, the other with Jesus at the centre – with divergent out-workings?

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