Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Will The Real Me Please Stand Up And Then Lie Down

While it is necessary to surrender our false selves –

those selves constructed in the image of false gods, of consumerism, of individualism, of self-loathing –

to God, in order to embrace our true self –

made in God’s image: in the image of the life-giving Spirit, who shows us the serving Son, who shows us the loving Father –

these in themselves are unworthy sacrifices, and of little lasting worth.

We need to embrace our true self, in order to bring our lives as a worthy offering, as living sacrifices without blemish.  That is what God asks for.  That is what God can use, powerfully, to transform the world he created and entrusted us to exercise his loving, serving, life-giving rule over.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.  Reveal to us the Love that overwhelms our fear.  Stand by us as we take up our cross and die.  And hold out to us Life in all its fullness.  Amen.

(Further reflections on conversation with Angus Bell)

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